Eduardo García Rojas

Journalist specialized in film and literature

Eduardo García Rojas worked as a culture editor for the newspapers La Gaceta de Canarias, El Día and Diario de Avisos. In this last newspaper he assumed the responsibility of head of the area of ​​Society and Culture. Director of the Ideapress news agency, he coordinated the culture and science supplement 2C of La Opinion de Tenerife. He currently directs the El Perseguidor culture supplement, from Diario de Avisos.

Author of the book La caja tonta, in which related articles on film and television are compiled. He has collaborated in the Canarian Encyclopedia and in the Encyclopedia of Spanish and Ibero-American Cinema. He is the author of the scripts El extraño pacto, by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, and Por los viejos tiempos, by Miguel Toledo.

Kim Simmons


Kim Simmons (Belize-Honduras, 1985) arrived in the Canary Islands with only eighteen months. The first memory that he associates with music is listening to the vinyl records of his father, who was born in La Palma: Los Platters, Harry Belafonte, Frankie Ruiz or José Vélez. On the part of his mother, who is Anglo-Saxon, he listened to music in English and jazz.

He studied at the School of Modern Music, located in San Miguel de Abona. He began to sing professionally in 2014, in hotels and restaurants, to later perform at music festivals or events such as Cook & Music, La Palma Reventón Trail or DocuRock.

From the hand of Arteria Films this year 2020 has produced his record debut: Don’t Be Afraid.

Kiko Castro

Music and music producer

Kiko Castro obtained a postgraduate degree in Film Direction at the San Jorge University (Zaragoza, 2010).

As a musician, composer, arranger and producer, his name appears linked to that of internationally renowned artists such as: Rita Tavárez (Brazil), Anna Paula Reis (Brazil), Benito Cabrera (Tenerife), Tore Lande (London), Gbob Studios (London) or Steinar Amundsen (Norway).

He has obtained a special mention from the Los Realejos City Council for the composition of the piece Hymn to Viera y Clavijo for the bicentennial of his death.

Regarding the cinematographic sound, his works stand out in El otro maestro, by Elena G. Ramírez, in Camino de tierra, by Aïda Ballmann, La marcha indignada, by Alberto Reverón (finalist in RIFF’13. Rome Independent Film Festival 2013) or Cubillo. History of a state crime, Eduardo Cubillo.