«Omega» wins on DocuRock 3 .

The documentary claims the album that revolutionized the history of flamenco and rock

S / C of Tenerife, October 29, 2017.

The jury of DocuRock 3 decided to award the Best Documentary Feature, the Púa de Oro, to Omega, a film that shows the creative genesis of the album with which Enrique Morente and Largartija Nick broke molds in 1994 when he published the elepé » Omega, «which merged rock and flamenco, uniting the poetry of Federico García Lorca and the scores of Leonard Cohen.

The jury, which included Aïda Ballmann (actress, star of «The Extraordinary Tale»), Emilio Ramal (head of the audiovisual department of Tenerife Espacio de las Artes) and Fernando Itúrrate (Teacher in Information Sciences at the University of la Laguna), valued the film by Gervasio Iglesias or José Sánchez-Montes as the best of the five titles in the official section for «showing us the genesis and the creative process of a crucial album that revolutionized the history of flamenco and rock».

For his part, the documentary «Chavela» won the Audience Award. Inspired by an exclusive interview with Chavela Vargas in 1991, the documentary weaves a human portrait of a woman who dared to challenge the world with her way of living and singing.

DocuRock 3, which had the backing of the CajaCanarias Foundation, was held by the Tenerife Space of the Arts, which has become the cinematographic bastion of the island.